Micro Modules Now Live!

The newest addition to the Sex and Gender Specific Health educational products are Micro Modules!

The Micro Modules offer brief and concise information relating to sex and gender differences in various diseases. The initial Micro Module topic is Alcohol Use Disorder, and other topics will be available soon.

The Micro Modules have both audio and video embedded and are ADA compliant.

Check out the Alcohol Use Disorder Micro Module and check back frequently for more topics.

Field Test Article Published!

We are proud to announce that the Sex and Gender Specific Health article, Field Test Results of Sex- and Gender-Specific Health Multimedia Case-Based Learning Modules, has been posted on the Journal of Women’s Health website and will be published in the December, 2019 print edition of the journal! (see the Resources page of this website for the full article)

The authorship of this article was led by Dr. Robert Casanova (TTUHSC), and the other contributors represent a variety of well-known medical schools. The results of the field testing were critical in the development of all five of the learning modules. Just click “Learning Modules” on this website to view or utilize the learning modules.

Certificate in Sex & Gender Health / Practitioner Registry

Complete all five SGSH Learning Modules and qualify for the new Certificate in Sex & Gender Health!

Once you have received your Certificate in Sex & Gender Health, you qualify to join the Practitioner Registry via the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and Sex and Gender Health Collaborative (SGSH) website: https://www.amwa-doc.org/sghc/.

Contact Linda Gilmore for more information: linda.gilmore@ttush.edu.

Bridge Activity Now Available for Learning Modules

A new bridge activity is now available for classroom use when utilizing a learning module on the Sex and Gender Specific Health website.

The activity is fully customizable for a specific learning module and to fit the needs of any curriculum.

The bridge activity is available on the Resources page of this website.

Please let us know how you are implementing this tool in your classroom. We would love your feedback!