Bridge Activity Now Available for Learning Modules

A new bridge activity is now available for classroom use when utilizing a learning module on the Sex and Gender Specific Health website.

The activity is fully customizable for a specific learning module and to fit the needs of any curriculum.

The bridge activity is available on the Resources page of this website.

Please let us know how you are implementing this tool in your classroom. We would love your feedback!

Gender Gap: Sex and Gender Differences in the Treatment of Acute Conditions

“The discipline of emergency medicine continues to evolve as a reflection of  science and society. Interestingly, traditional evidence-based medicine assumed without any direct proof that — other than their reproductive organs  – women essentially were identical to men.”

Gender Gap

New Marie Claire article features our own experts; highlights sex and gender health


Marie Claire’s May 2017 issue features an article titled “Women Are Dying Because Doctors Treat Us like Men”, focusing on sex and gender differences in medicine and healthcare. This exciting and topical article features national experts who have contributed to both our student curriculum and our CPD series, as well as our own program director, Dr. Marjorie Jenkins. Congratulations to all involved!